Payment methods:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum (20% discount!)
  • Bancontact, Mr. Cash, iDeal & SOFORT
  • Manual bank transfer

  • Crypto – bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum & more – 20% Off For All Crypto Orders

When paying via Bitcoin you need to have the funds ready in your Bitcoin wallet as our payment system requires you to send payment within 120 minutes, if you send payment after 120 minutes contact us here on the contact page. Bancontact, Mr. Cash, iDeal & SOFORT

Pay instantly with your bank account. Instant processing.

Bank Transfer

You need to use the details we send you to pay for your order via bank transfer in Euro. You can usually initiate an international bank transfer from your online account, telephone banking or visiting your local branch in person. Transactions in other currencies may be delayed. Include your order number in the notes. If for whatever reason we cannot find your payment because you forgot to include the number or it got removed (some banks do this for some reason) we will require you to prove it so we can match it to our records. If this does not work for you please don’t order, these are the rules we think they are fair.

We usually receive payment in our bank account in 2-3 days from it leaving your bank account.

Credit Cards (coming soon)

You can now pay with your credit card in a quick safe and secure way. We have simplified the process of buying bitcoin and sending directly to us. We have been told recently that since we suggest a mainstream service for this process it feels more secure and is quicker and more automated.

Some have reported needing to give their ID but in many countries do not have that requirement.


  • The minimum order is around 42-50 euros.
  • We are not associated or affiliated with the bitcoin vendor.
  • You get the 10% discount with bitcoin orders but most of that goes to buying bitcoin in this way.
  • Better to buy bitcoin with bank and lots cheaper.
  • Its not so hard do not over think it.
  • Reach out if you need help!