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Chemical Nomenclature
Common names4F-EPH, 4FEPH
Substitutive name4-Fluoroethylphenidate
Systematic nameEthyl 2-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(piperidin-2-yl)acetate
Class Membership
Psychoactive classStimulant
Chemical classPhenidate / Piperidine
Routes of Administration
WARNING: Always start with lower doses due to differences between individual body weight, tolerance, metabolism, and personal sensitivity. See responsible use section.


Threshold< 5 mg
Light5 – 10 mg
Common10 – 15 mg
Strong15 – 30 mg
Heavy30 mg +
Total5 – 6 hours
Onset10 – 25 minutes
After effects4 – 12 hours
DISCLAIMER: PW’s dosage information is gathered from users and resources for educational purposes only. It is not a recommendation and should be verified with other sources for accuracy.

4-Fluoroethylphenidate (commonly known as 4F-EPH) is a novel synthetic stimulant of the substituted phenethylamine and piperidine classes that produces long-lasting euphoric and stimulating effects associated with potent monoamine reuptake inhibitors when administered. It is a closely related structural analog of the commonly prescribed ADHD drug methylphenidate (known by the brand-names Ritalin and Concerta) as well as a designer druganalog ethylphenidate. Based on its similarities to other memebers of this class, it is speculated to exert its activity as some form of double or triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor.

Like other members of the substituted phenidate family, anecdotal reports suggest that 4F-EPH can be corrosive to the nasal cavities, albeit not to the degree of ethylphenidate.

4F-EPH has little to no history of recreational use and has yet to be documented being sold on the streets. It was initially developed as a replacement and successor for compounds like ethylphenidate, which became illegal in the United Kingdom on April 2015, and later 4F-MPH. In 2016, it became made available for sale on the online gray market as a research chemical.

Due to its potent, long-lasting stimulant effect, likely habit-forming properties as well as unknown short and long-term toxicity profile, it is strongly recommended that one use proper harm reduction practices if choosing to use this substance.


4F-EPH, or 4-fluoroethylphenidate, is a synthetic molecule of the substituted phenethylamine class. It contains a phenethylamine core featuring a phenyl ring bound to an amino -NH2 group through an ethyl chain. It is structurally similar to amphetamine, featuring a substitution at Rα which is incorporated into a piperidine ring ending at the terminal amine of the phenethylamine chain. It contains an ethyl acetate bound to R2 of its structure and is fluorinated at R4 of its phenyl ring.

4F-EPH is the 4-substituted flourine derivative of ethylphenidate, and is structurally different to methylphenidate by elongation of the carbon chain and the addition of a fluorine group. Ethyl- regards the side chain of two carbon atoms, phen- indicates the phenyl ring, id- is contracted from a piperidine ring, and -ate indicates the acetate group containing the oxygens. 4F-EPH is a chiral compound, presumably produced as a racemic mixture.


Pill bottle-o.png

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4F-EPH is believed to act as a higher efficiency dopamine reuptake inhibitor than the closely related methylphenidate,[1][2][3] meaning that it effectively boosts the levels of dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain by binding to and partially blocking the transporter proteins that normally remove those monoamines from the synaptic cleft. This allows dopamine to accumulate within the certain focalized regions of the brain, resulting in stimulating and euphoric effects.

Subjective effects

This subjective effects section is a stub.As such, it is still in progress and may contain incomplete or wrong information.

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The effects listed below are based upon the subjective effects index and personal experiences of PsychonautWiki contributors. These effects should be taken with a grain of salt and will rarely (if ever) occur all at once, but heavier doses will increase the chances of inducing a full range of effects. Likewise, adverse effects become much more likely on higher doses and may include serious injury or death.

Physical effects


Cognitive effects


After effects

Aftereffects (3).svg

Toxicity and harm potential


This toxicity and harm potential section is a stub.

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We also recommend that you conduct independent research and use harm reduction practices when using this substance.

The toxicity and long-term health effects of recreational 4F-EPH use do not seem to have been studied in any scientific context and the exact toxic dosage is unknown. This is because 4F-EPH is a research chemical with very little history of human usage. Anecdotal evidence from people who have tried 4F-EPH suggests that there are no negative health effects attributed to simply trying the drug by itself at low to moderate doses and using it very sparingly (but nothing can be completely guaranteed).

It is strongly recommended that one use harm reduction practices when using this drug.

Tolerance and addiction potential

As with other stimulants, the chronic use of 4F-EPH can be considered moderately addictive with a high potential for abuse and is capable of causing psychological dependence among certain users. When addiction has developed, cravings and withdrawal effects may occur if a person suddenly stops their usage.

Tolerance to many of the effects of 4F-EPH develops with prolonged and repeated use. This results in users having to administer increasingly large doses to achieve the same effects. After that, it takes about 3 – 7 days for the tolerance to be reduced to half and 1 – 2 weeks to be back at baseline (in the absence of further consumption). 4F-EPH presents cross-tolerance with all dopaminergic stimulants, meaning that after the consumption of 4F-EPH all stimulants will have a reduced effect.

Dangerous interactions

Although many psychoactive substances are safe to use on their own, they can quickly become dangerous or even life-threatening when combined with other substances. The following lists some known dangerous combinations, but may not include all of them. A combination that appears to be safe in low doses can still increase the risk of injury or death. Independent research should always be conducted to ensure that a combination of two or more substances is safe to consume.

  • MDMA – The neurotoxic effects of MDMA may be increased when combined with other amphetamines.
  • Cocaine – This combination may increase strain on the heart.
  • Stimulants – 4F-EPH can be potentially dangerous in combination with other stimulants as it can increase one’s heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels.
  • 25x-NBOMe & 25x-NBOH – Members of the 25x family are highly stimulating and physically straining. Combinations with stimulants should be avoided due to the risk of excessive stimulation. This can result in panic attacks, thought loopsseizuresincreased blood pressurevasoconstriction, and heart failure in extreme cases.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol can be dangerous to combine with stimulants due to the risk of accidental over-intoxication. Stimulants mask the sedative effects of alcohol, which is the main factor people use to assess their degree of intoxication. Once the stimulant wears off, the depressant effects of alcohol are left unopposed, which can result in blackouts and respiratory depression. If combined, one should strictly limit themselves to only drinking a certain amount of alcohol per hour.
  • DXM – Combinations with DXM should be strictly avoided due to DXM’s effects on serotonin and dopamine reuptake. This can lead to panic attacks, hypertensive crisis, or serotonin syndrome.
  • MXE – Combinations with MXE may dangerously elevate blood pressure and increase the risk of psychosis.
  • Tramadol – Tramadol lowers the seizure threshold.[4] Combinations with stimulants may further increase this risk.
  • MAOIs – This combination may increase the amount of neurotransmitters such as dopamine to dangerous or even fatal levels. Examples include syrian ruebanisteriopsis caapi2C-T-22C-T-7αMT, and some antidepressants.[5]

Legal status


This legality section is a stub.

As such, it may contain incomplete or wrong information. You can help by expanding it.

  • United Kingdom – 4-Fluoroethylphenidate is a class B drug in the UK as of May 31st 2017, making it illegal to possess, produce or supply. [6]

See also

External links


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  2. Experio

    3 gram besteld en helaas was het sneller op dan verzonden was. Op in 1 dagje, had er 4 dagen op moeten wachten. Iets langer dan verwacht, maar over het algemeen goede ervaring mee.

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    Very euphoric ritalin-like subtance. Hurts the nose tho. Please mention this in the description. Still giving 5 stars because I got 0.2 gram extra and received everything in 5 days.

  4. bert

    Very euphoric ritalin-like subtance. Hurts the nose tho. Please mention this in the description. Still giving 5 stars because I got 0.2 gram extra and received everything in 5 days.

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